LeBron James rocks Manziel jersey on team flight


When you're LeBron James, everything is there for the taking.

That's how it works when you're (probably) a member of the Illuminati. King James gets what King James wants. So when the Miami Heat star learned his Cleveland Browns had drafted Johnny Manziel on Thursday night, it wasn't long before a well-compensated minion was handed the task of acquiring a Manziel jersey ... or else.

By the time James was on a team flight to New York on Friday, he was clad in brown.

The Heat confirmed to NFL Media that is indeed James strutting down the aisle. The jersey could have a short shelf life in terms of accuracy, unfortunately. Manziel wore No. 2 at Texas A&M -- the number is currently unassigned on the Browns' roster.

If LeBron is a stickler for accuracy, the minion will be back to work soon.

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