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Bill O'Brien: David Carr won't factor into our Derek Carr decision


HOUSTON -- The Texans won't shy away from drafting Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr because of his brother David's dubious history with the team, according to coach Bill O'Brien.

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With the second round of the draft starting Friday evening, Houston plans to draft a quarterback, and O'Brien said Carr is in the discussion. O'Brien said they have roughly six quarterbacks whom they are considering drafting at different evaluations, but he added there aren't any circumstances other than those related to football that would affect their feelings about Carr.

"You look at each individual person, even though they come from the same family," O'Brien said."(Then) grade that guy as it relates to your team. He is a good football player. He's smart, an accurate passer, good size. He's in the conversation. We don't think about what happened seven years ago."

If Houston drafted Carr, "We would bring him in here and welcome him and treat him as his own person," O'Brien said. "He has a different circumstance because his brother was here. I wasn't here when his brother was here."

David Carr was the No. 1 overall pick in 2002 for the expansion Texans and never lived up to his billing. He was sacked more than 250 times in five seasons with Houston and spent the remainder of his career as a backup.

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