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Ex-Raiders CEO Trask says Bridgewater criticism 'offensive'


A former NFL executive is "offended" by some recent remarks made about former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Amy Trask, a former Oakland Raiders CEO, now is a CBS Sports analyst and says anyone saying Bridgewater can't be the face of a franchise needs to "put your name on (the criticism)."

Bridgewater's draft stock has fluctuated wildly during the run-up to the draft, and he no longer is considered a first-round lock. NFL Media draft analyst Mike Mayock said last week that "I think people had some concerns about whether or not this young man is ready to step up and be the face of a franchise."

Trask took particular issue with those criticizing Bridgewater anonymously.

"Is anyone other than me absolutely, positively offended by what we've been reading and hearing the past week or so about, 'We're not sure he can be the face of the franchise?'" Trask said on CBS Sports' "That Other Pregame Show". "Not only do I find it offensive, but if you're going to say something like that about a young man whose career is about to start, put your name on it. Put your name on it. Don't say, 'He can't be the face of your franchise but that's off the record.'

"You want to say that? Put your name on it."

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That's a noble sentiment, and it would be interesting (and informative) to see names attached to any negative comments about players. But don't expect that to happen anytime soon -- or ever. People are quick to criticize and find fault when there is no attribution. But asking for negatives and attaching a name? In that scenario, fewer and fewer people are willing to comment.

As for not being able to be the public face of a franchise, you'd think every NFL team would want its quarterback to be associated with the kind of thing Bridgewater recently did for his mother.

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