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In the Green Room with Fresno State WR Davante Adams

  • By Daniel Kim
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In one of the deepest drafts in years at wide receiver, Fresno State's Davante Adams' calling card is his incredible production -- he was the national leader in receptions (131) and receiving touchdowns (24) in the 2013 season and also had a school-record 1,718 receiving yards as quarterback Derek Carr's go-to receiver.

Those numbers followed a freshman season in which he totaled 102 catches for 1,312 yards and 14 touchdowns.

College Football 24/7 caught up with Adams during his visit at the NFL Network offices and put him on the clock.

What are you hearing as far as what teams are interested, and when you might be drafted?

Davante Adams: I've been hearing all types of stuff from teams. Many teams like me in the first, many like me in the second. So it's all up in the air right now. But I've been getting some interest, and it's just something I'm going to have to wait until draft day to find out.

Is there a particular team you feel you'd be a great fit for?

DA: Honestly, there isn't a specific team that I feel like I'd fit into exactly. I feel like whatever team drafts me I'd fit into because they're going to get the best receiver in the draft. Regardless of if they really need a receiver early or not, the way I'm going to come in and work, they're going to get the guy they hoped they drafted and be excited about it.

This is a pretty deep draft for receivers. Where do you think you fit in this class?

DA: I feel like I'm the best receiver in this draft. Obviously, that isn't to take anything away from the other guys, because there's a lot of talent in this draft at the receiver position. But I'm the best playmaker. There's different people that look at things different ways, but I know I definitely should be among the top three receivers taken.

Mike Evans is known for his size-speed combination, Sammy Watkins is known for his ability to break plays after the catch. What's the one thing that distinguishes you?

DA: I'd say the same thing that Sammy is known for, because I feel that I can catch the ball and get loose on any given play. And I'm the best red-zone threat in the country. That's not just how I feel, that's how it was for the past couple of years. I definitely feel like I'm the best at going up and getting the ball.

What NFL player does your game mostly closely resemble?

DA: I'd say a guy like Dez Bryant. He's a big receiver that plays hard, and I mean, he's a dog out there. I feel I play the same way.

What's your draft projection for your former teammate, Derek Carr?

DA: Well, there's a difference between where I project him and where I feel he should go. I obviously feel he's the best quarterback in the draft. But based on what all the experts say, if they have an influence what all the GMs and coaches and decision-makers think, he might not be in the top 10. But based on his talents, there are some great quarterbacks in this draft, but I feel like he's the best.

Have you been keeping in touch with Derek?

DA: Yeah, we talk pretty much every other day.

What are your plans for draft day?

DA: I'm just going to be back home with the family, probably 10 to 15 people, and we're going to be back in Palo Alto (Calif.) just waiting for the call.

What's the pre-draft process been like for you?

DA: It's been pretty stressful. It's been all over the place, but it's been a lot of fun at the same time. I've been experiencing all different places all over the country, going to different teams and visiting. It's been moving real quick, but it's also been taking a long time.

Was there a workout you were put through that was especially hard?

DA: I don't know if there was a specific one that was really hard. They didn't really kill us or anything like that. They just wanted to see how fluid we are, running routes and seeing us get in and out of our breaks. So it wasn't really a hard workout.

What was the main message you wanted to convey in your visits with NFL GMs and coaches?

DA: You want to draft a guy that has production and gets the ball in the end zone. And for the past two years, none of the receivers in this draft has done that more than me. I'm great at getting six points. And when it comes to the red zone, I feel that I'm the best red-zone threat. I don't see how there can be too many arguments against it. You can say what you want about me playing in the Mountain West, but I can only eat what's in front of me. I've dominated in my field and did what I had to do. And the next step for me now is the NFL, and I'm ready for that and intend to do the same thing there.

Your first big purchase after you sign your contract?

DA: Probably a car -- a Porsche Panamera -- and getting my parents a nice place to live. And I'm going to worry about their cars and getting them other stuff after that.

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