Earl Thomas pulled over on way to announce deal


Earl Thomas is the best safety in football, and the Seattle Seahawks are now paying him like it. Thomas was so excited that he couldn't wait to get to his news conference to announce the new deal.

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"I'm kind of upset. I got pulled over by the police," Thomas said with a smile on Tuesday.

Reporters followed up with Thomas to make sure he wasn't joking.

"Definitely. I didn't make it up. ... So this was kind of a whirlwind trying to get here, but everything happens for a reason. Man, this is just a great moment," Thomas said.

Thomas said he was pulled over just down the street from the Seahawks facility, but he did not get a ticket. He was asked if the cop knew who he was.

"I didn't try to like bulldog him, saying 'My name is Earl Thomas,' because then he'll be like, 'Man, this dude is cocky,' and give me a ticket," Thomas said. "But he let me off. That's the moral of the story."

The other moral: It's good to be Earl Thomas.

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