Geno Smith to get 'a few more reps' than Vick early

LeSean McCoy doesn't have any doubt who should be the New York Jets' starting quarterback this season. Marty Mornhinweg is taking a more measured approach to the competition between Michael Vick and Geno Smith.

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"We brought Mike in to compete, to push Geno, and to make Geno the very best he can make him and I want to make sure Mike was ready for that," Mornhinweg said during a Tuesday conference call. "I had Mike for a year with Donovan (McNabb) there (in Philadelphia). I think this thing is going to work beautifully."

Mornhinweg is high on Vick and called the veteran a "young 33." Still, the offensive coordinator gave no indication Vick has the inside track on the starting job. Smith appears to be the first man up in what promises to be a ceaselessly monitored competition.

"One thing I want to make sure of (is) that nothing impedes the young quarterback's progression," Mornhinweg said. "I'm talking about Geno. He progressed beautifully in the last quarter of the season. (He) played winning quarterback, played at a high level, two turnovers in the last four games. So you got to give him a lot of credit now."

Mornhinweg pulled back when pressed if Vick would have to take the job away from Smith. He did allow that Smith will "get a few more reps, but not many" during offseason training activities and minicamp.

"We got a plan. Geno is in the middle of a progression," he said. "We brought Michael Vick in for a purpose and he's going to compete. He's going to push. ... If he's called upon to play when he's called upon to play, I expect Mike Vick to play at a real high level."

As for LeSean McCoy's thoughts that Vick is "way better" than Smith?

"I like LeSean," Mornhinweg said. "LeSean is one of my favorites. He had a good day yesterday, media-wise."

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