Roger Goodell to address alleged Sterling comments

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has driven home a message of respect and high standards this offseason.

During March's Annual League Meeting in Orlando, Florida, Goodell ended his opening remarks by reminding attendees that everyone associated with the NFL is privileged to represent the league in words and actions.

Goodell is expected to hammer that point home again at the League Spring Meeting on May 20 in Atlanta. 

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday that at the meeting the commissioner is expected to address the racist comments allegedly made by NBA owner Donald Sterling, which caused a tidal wave of anger throughout the sports community over the weekend.

According to Rapoport, the Sterling issue will come up as a reminder regarding the culture and responsibility, as well as the respect one should have for teams, players, fans and media. The team executives and coaches -- the senior leadership -- have an even greater responsibility than the players, with the bar set higher.

Those sentiments about executives setting the bar higher will be viewed through the NFL prism in how Goodell ultimately handles the case of Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay. Irsay was arrested last month on suspicion of intoxicated driving and since has entered a health-care facility. The commissioner repeatedly has said he will wait for all the facts on the Irsay case before taking any steps toward potential discipline.

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