Evan Mathis won't hold out for Philadelphia Eagles


When Evan Mathis approached the Philadelphia Eagles about a new contract in March, the team responded by placing the All-Pro guard on the trade block.

Having reported for the voluntary offseason workout program earlier this week, Mathis is taking the high road in his quest to get paid commensurate with his standing as one of the game's best guards.

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"I'm here. I'm not holding out," Mathis said, criticizing "conjecture" in the media and on Twitter that the situation is devolving into an ongoing dispute with the organization.

"I think with those contract questions, you haven't heard anything from myself, you haven't heard anything from (agent Drew) Rosenhaus, the Eagles," Mathis told CSN Philly's Derrick Gunn on Thursday. "For that type of matter I think it's best that anything stays in house, just be professional about it."

Mathis is doing his best to avoid being an offseason distraction. Amid questions about his standing with the team, Mathis made light of an infamous 2005 Terrell Owens episode.

"We're not in my driveway," Mathis said, "and I'm not doing situps right now."

Owens was ultimately sent home from training camp after proving to be an immature nuisance. The Eagles don't have to worry about Mathis pulling any similar stunts this summer.

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