Robert Griffin III: 2013 was filled with second-guessing


Robert Griffin III's struggles in returning from reconstructive knee surgery affected his confidence to a degree that he was reportedly perceived by some inside the Washington Redskins building as fragile and insecure during the 2013 season.

In a Thursday interview with The Washington Post, Griffin conceded that the losing streak, increased criticism, shoddy footwork, errant passing, poor decisions and ensuing late-season benching got to him.

Griffin described his dropoff from 2012 Rookie of the Year form as "a whole journey of second-guessing and wondering."

The difference between this offseason and last is that he has rediscovered the RGIII of old.

"As a quarterback, my identity is I am the leader of this team, I am the guy that everybody looks to when things are going bad," Griffin explained. "I am the guy that delivers.

"I am the guy that everyone on the team offense, defense, special teams -- when it's crunch time, they're not looking at Trent Williams, they're not looking at Alfred Morris. They're looking at Robert Griffin III and that is an identity and position I accept."

Ready to make a "big jump in his game" with two new wide receivers, a healthy Jordan Reed and an revamped offensive line, RGIII is the "Around The League Podcast's" runaway pick for the 2014 Comeback Player of the Year award.

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