NFL will test PATs from the 15-yard line -- not the 20

The NFL is reining in its decision to get frisky with the extra point.

After the league voted last month in Orlando to move PATs to the 20-yard line during the first two weeks of the preseason, Dean Blandino announced Thursday that those plans have changed, according to Newsday's Bob Glauber.

The evolution of the NFL:
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The NFL's vice president of officiating confirmed that extra points will instead be staged from the 15-yard line, the equivalent of a 33-yard field goal. Blandino said the league's competition committee made the recommendation within the past week after a handful of clubs complained that kicks would be too tough from 20.

It's a tedious tweak, at best. Either way, we're talking about a chip-shot attempt during two weeks of NFL action with zero bearing on the regular season. Remember, the 20-yard line started as a compromise from the Patriots' proposal to move extra points from the 2-yard mark to the 25.

Instead of pushing boundaries and experimenting with the most boring play in pro football, the extra point is being coddled.

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