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Johnny Chronicles: Johnny Manziel has two Jaguars' votes


The week that was in the always unpredictable life of former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel:

Two up

1. Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis would have no issues with his club making Manziel the No. 3 overall pick. In a video interview with, Lewis first tried to avoid the question of whom the club should choose in the draft. But when pressed about Johnny Football, Lewis lit up with some excitement.

"I like him," Lewis said. "I think he's dope. ... I think he's confident, somebody that's gonna bring some excitement to the locker room."

And the field, too.

2. Clint Frazier wants Johnny Manziel in Cleveland more than anything -- except, perhaps, for himself to be in Cleveland. One of the most promising prospects in the Cleveland Indians' minor league chain, Frazier was the Indians' first-round pick in 2013. He said he wants the Browns to take Manziel No. 4 overall. Both are under 6-foot, both weigh 208 pounds, and Frazier said he feels a little-man kinship.

"I like (Manziel) a lot because he's small," Frazier said, according to "He's a shorter guy. He'll go out there and compete with bigger guys. That's something I've done my entire life, trying to prove that height doesn't matter." For the moment, power-hitting Frazier is toiling about 20 miles outside of town, in Eastlake, Ohio, for the Class A Lake County Captains.

This weekend, Manziel will be in Cleveland to visit the Browns.

Two down

1. So you thought Johnny Football needed Nike for all his outside income? Think again. He's about to cash in on the book market -- assuming he's part of the project, which isn't clear -- according to "Johnny Football: Johnny Manziel's Wild Ride From Obscurity to Legend at Texas A&M" is due in bookstores next month. Just in time for the NFL draft. Oh, the timing. Here's guessing the distribution plan will take careful note of which market Manziel lands in on draft day. Order your copy now, (insert club here) fans.

2. When you're out for an evening with Johnny Manziel, people want to know who you are. A young lady named Kyndal Kyaire learned that this week when she reportedly accompanied Manziel to a Texas Rangers baseball game. She is, according to websites that pursue the occupations of otherwise-anonymous dates of celebrities, a bottle service waitress at the Fluxx nightclub in San Diego.

Must be nice to be Johnny Manziel.

System nothing

For all the scouting sentiment that Manziel will need to be in a certain kind of offensive system in order to flourish in the NFL, the Jaguars' Luke Joeckel, a teammate of Manziel's for two years at Texas A&M, doesn't agree.

"I think he'd fit into any NFL system," Joeckel said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. "He's a guy that can just play football. He's an extremely smart guy. ... His football intelligence is incredible."

Joeckel's full remarks on Manziel begin at the 1:15 mark. Based on his praise, you can assume Joeckel would be just as happy, if not happier, than the aforementioned Lewis if the Jaguars make him the No. 3 pick.

Happy kids

Manziel didn't provide any real context for this Thursday Instagram post, but who needs context when there are smiling children everywhere? Sixteen kids get a photo they'll hang onto forever ... or, at least as long as they're fans of Drake.

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