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Jeremiah: Odell Beckham fits Pittsburgh Steelers at No. 15 pick


Depth at the wide receiver position in the 2014 NFL Draft is becoming readily apparent with each passing week. Sure there are elite talents such as Sammy Watkins likely to come off the board within the first five picks, but what seems to make this a great receiver class is the quality of players expected to available in the later rounds.

That said, there's still a good chance that some high-end talents at the position will go early in the draft as teams look to land some playmakers for today's pass-happy NFL. One of the teams certain to be in the market for a wideout is undoubtedly the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While a number of folks think the team will look to shore up the secondary with their first-round draft pick, it's possible they'll opt to go a different direction when May rolls around. Coach Mike Tomlin and other Steelers personnel were recently at LSU's pro day to take in the workout of receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and even took him out for dinner the night before.

Could Beckham actually be in play for Pittsburgh with the 15th overall pick?

"Absolutely," NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah said on Friday's "Path to the Draft." "He's my third-rated wide receiver in this draft class behind Mike Evans and Sammy Watkins. (Beckham) is electric with the football in his hands. He gives you so much explosiveness. Plus, you have the added value of seeing what he can do in the return game.

"I think he's a very exciting player."

Recent mock drafts don't have Beckham going quite that high in the draft, with just two analysts thinking he'll go as early as the 18th overall pick to the Jets.

It wouldn't be a huge surprise, though, if the Steelers were to reach a little for someone like Beckham, who has risen quickly to become the third-best receiver in the draft in Jeremiah's eyes. Unless Evans were to somehow fall past the Giants with the 12th pick, Tomlin and company could wind up grabbing a receiver who brings plenty of speed to the table even if he's not the biggest in the draft, at 5-foot-11.

"I know he doesn't have the size of a big receiver to replace Plexico Burress, but he's the best receiver likely to be on the board when they pick," Jeremiah said. "I think he'd be a great choice.

"Don't get hung up on size," he said. "You have a big receiver, you have a small receiver -- don't worry about that. Get the best one, and in this case it would be Odell Beckham."

We're sure Todd Haley would easily be able to find a role for Beckham if indeed that's the selection in the first round. In fact, we're pretty sure Ben Roethlisberger is already lobbying the team to grab the LSU speedster and think defense in the second round.

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