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Colts' Dwayne Allen: 'I'm almost to 110 percent'


Indianapolis Colts tight end Dwayne Allen wants to make sure we know he's healthy.

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Less than a month after declaring his surgically repaired injury was "100 percent" healed, the 24-year-old upped the ante.

"I feel like I'm almost to 110 percent," Allen told the team's official website. "It's not just my job to work to train my body where it was. I sat out a year, everyone else is improving. I don't know what percent they're improving, but I guess it's 10 percent.

"They're getting 10 percent better than they were the year before. It's my job to work back to where I was before last season, then gain that extra percent so I can stay up with the NFL."

While Allen's percentage-play is a bit mind-bending, his point stands: Entering his third season, Allen plans to perform better than he would have had he not missed 15 games last season.

If the athletic tight end hits that level, he will add a dynamic element to an already intriguing Colts offense. His pass-catching skills will give Andrew Luck's offense the ability to utilize two-tight end sets, with the ability to run or pass. Allen also brings an added element to the Colts' red zone offense.

Allen was set to make the leap last season. If he hits that self-described 110 percent, he'll make it in 2014.

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