Kraft thanks Carolla, Eisen for input on goal-post rule


Comedian Adam Carolla's 15 minutes of football fame have been extended to half an hour.

The evolution of the NFL:
Take a look at how the NFL has evolved from its humble roots, and the efforts being made to ensure it continues to grow.

One week after the NFL's Competition Committee approved Carolla's pet project to extend the goal posts five feet, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft phoned into "The Rich Eisen Podcast" on Thursday to express his appreciation.

"We always like to speak with influential opinion makers," Kraft quipped to Eisen and Carolla, "who can change things that important with the culture of America."

Carolla has been championing the cause for years on "The Rich Eisen Podcast."

For his next trick, perhaps Carolla can convince Major League Baseball to bring its games in under three and a half hours.

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