Jadeveon Clowney to make Texans 'miserable' if they bypass him

Hell hath no fury like a draftee scorned. At least that could be the case if the Houston Texans pass on Jadeveon Clowney with the first pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

It's no secret that Clowney would like to be the first player taken in the draft, and his pro day Wednesday provided the Texans' brass a glimpse at what they could be getting if he's their selection May 8.

And if the Texans still wind up going with a quarterback and Clowney were to somehow fall to the Jaguars at No. 3 overall? Well, that would be all right with Clowney because he'd get to see Houston twice a season, since both teams are in the same division.

"I have to make them miserable," Clowney told reporters, with a smile, when asked what he would do to the Texans if they passed on him.

Consider the quarterbacks on the Houston roster warned.

Now this isn't the first time the best player in the draft has made such a statement. Famously, Peyton Manning told the Colts something similar before the draft in 1998. Given Clowney's stature in the scouting community as one of the best prospects in years, though, we're sure NFL teams are not just taking his words with a grain of salt.

Houston coach Bill O'Brien publicly said Wednesday following Clowney's workout that the No. 1 pick was still "wide open." Yet it's hard not to connect some dots and see that the club is seriously considering the top player on NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah's big board.

"If we decide to draft this guy, we're not just going to play him at one position," O'Brien told the Texans' official website. "We may start him off at one position but use him in a lot of different ways. He's a unique talent, but again, that's if we draft him."

O'Brien certainly wants to keep people guessing at the team's plans leading up to the draft. Quarterbacks Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater remain options for the club at No. 1 if they don't choose to trade back in the draft in exchange for additional picks.

Either way, some NFL team is going to be getting one very good ball player. If it just so happens that the Jaguars end up with Clowney, they'd also be getting a very, very motivated one.

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