Dwight Howard pitches Jadeveon Clowney as top pick

Johnny Manziel has LeBron James as an NBA star advocate, and now it appears former South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has Dwight Howard. The Houston Rockets star stumped for Clowney to be the top pick of the NFL draft by the Houston Texans, and put a video pitch featuring himself and Clowney on Instagram Monday night.

It wasn't exactly well-scripted theater, but the point is made: Howard wants Clowney in H-town, and said "If he (is drafted by the Texans), Houston is going to be on fire."

James, for his part, has taken Manziel under his wing in the area of managing the business of athletic celebrity, and appeared with Manziel in a McDonald's ad that served as Manziel's first commercial exposure since leaving Texas A&M two years early for draft eligibility. But you won't hear the Miami Heat star pushing for Manziel to be drafted by the Miami Dolphins. With the man who preceded Manziel as Texas A&M's quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, improving as he enters his third year as an NFL starter, the need at quarterback in Miami is low, and the investment in a first-round pick like Tannehill already is high.

Houston, by contrast, could be intrigued with the idea of pairing Clowney with star defensive end J.J. Watt.

And Howard isn't the only Houston pro athlete -- with no stake in the decision, of course -- who is crossing fingers for Clowney to be the Texans' pick.

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