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Tony Dungy: Aaron Murray will be like Russell Wilson


Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray picked up as much love as a supposed third-day draft prospect could hope for on a Monday.

Just hours after NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger predicted Murray to post the best NFL career of any quarterback in the upcoming draft, Super Bowl champion coach Tony Dungy also endorsed him, comparing him to a Super Bowl champion quarterback:

Murray is slightly taller than Wilson, at 6-foot-1, and both have live arms. Both are athletic as well, although Murray doesn't figure to approach Wilson's rushing totals in the NFL. Murray rushed for fewer yards in his entire Georgia career (396) than Wilson did in his second season alone with the Seahawks (581). Still, it's Wilson's ability to move behind the line of scrimmage, not across it, that makes him a special threat. And that's a quality Murray showed at Georgia, as well.

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Coming off an ACL tear he suffered in November, Murray has undergone a speedy rehabilitation and is expected to show that mobility off at his pro day performance in front of NFL scouts April 16.

"I'll be doing full-out drops, three steps, five steps, seven steps, we'll do rollouts, right and left, throw on the run, do some pocket movement stuff," Murray told the David Greene College Show. Murray said he'll even have an obstacle course set up at his pro day to make sure scouts are convinced of his recovery from surgery.

Count Dungy as a believer already.

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