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NFL executive testifies on player safety improvements


Friday's health and safety news from the world of football:

* NFL Senior Vice President for Player Health and Safety Policy Jeffery Miller testified before Congress on the league's efforts to improve the safety of the game through innovations in equipment, writes The entire transcript of Miller's testimony can be read here.

Jeffery Miller, Senior Vice President for Player Health and Safety Policy at the National Football League, testified in Washington that while "football has earned a vital place in the rhythm of American life," helmets for players have not caught up to what is necessary to protect players.

"Football helmets were designed to protect against skull fractures and they do a fabulous job of that they were not designed to prevent against concussions and so that sort of technology or design I know the helmet manufactures are working on it, we are not there yet and the league is doing what it can to inspire that especially with our partnership with GE and Under Armour to get new ideas around that," Miller said.

* A ten-year Harvard Medical School research project dedicated to studying health issues associated with playing football will be funded solely by the NFL Players Association, according to a report in the Harvard Crimson.

* Indiana moved closer to becoming the first state to mandate high school football coaches to undergo player safety and concussion-training courses after the SB 222 passed the state senate, reports The Statehouse File.

* Former NFL wide receiver Trent Shelton recently spoke to students at Iowa Central Community College about finding their identity and self-worth outside of titles and material wealth, says The Messenger.



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