Adrian Peterson lobbies Vikings to sign Michael Vick


In the latest edition of the ATL Mailbag, we presented the unabridged list of Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks during Adrian Peterson's NFL career.

It's a grim collection of signal-callers. Joe Webb, Brooks Bollinger and Donovan McNabb's remains (ID'd by dental records) are prominently involved. Point being, the Vikings owe their franchise star a legitimate QB before it's too late.

On Wednesday night, Peterson appeared to tell Twitter and the world who he hopes is under center for the Vikings in 2014.

Let's go ahead and assume "intently" is an auto-correct fail perpetrated by All Day's iPhone (don't you hate when that happens?). Peterson believes Vick would instantly make Minnesota a postseason team. Vick, of course, will become an unrestricted free agent on March 11.

We don't know if the Vikings have interest in Vick. If they didn't before, you wonder if Peterson's voice could make a difference.

He is the face of the franchise, after all. That's typically a person you want to keep happy.

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