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Johnny Chronicles: Nike wants Manziel, but do the Raiders?


The week that was in the always unpredictable life of former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel:

Two up

1. The price is going up on Johnny Manziel's marketability, as of this week's news that apparel industry giant Nike has inked Manziel to an endorsement deal. Somewhere inside Nike's Beaverton, Ore., headquarters, an advertising executive, or perhaps a team of them, is charged with hatching the apparel company's first Johnny Manziel TV commercial. For the sum Nike is surely paying Manziel, a lot will be expected. Be it dramatic, humorous or memorable in some other way, football fans will be looking for a Super Bowl-quality ad. Presumably, the ad will hit flatscreens before Manziel even takes an NFL snap, as Robert Griffin III's commercial debut for Gatorade did two years ago.

The photoshop ideas on social media have already begun:

2. Make it two former NFL players, one of them with intimate knowledge of what it's like to play under center for the Oakland Raiders, who don't see Manziel as a good fit for the silver and black. Former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon told College Football 24/7 at the NFL Scouting Combine that the two wouldn't mix. Gannon's reasoning was simple: The Raiders aren't ready to support a young quarterback. NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks made much the same point last week on the CFB 24/7 podcast, but Brooks delved into why. Good points to be sure -- young quarterbacks need weapons, and the Raiders are short in that department -- but how much fun would a Manziel-led franchise resurgence in Oakland be?

Two down

1. Manziel got some rare down time at Texas A&M's pro day event, where he pretty much sat back and took in the scene. Manziel performed well enough in drills at the NFL Scouting Combine to take a pass on doing anything twice, and he won't throw for NFL coaches and scouts until March 27. But of course, he's still somehow the showstopper. How else could he be front and center in a Dallas Morning News photo gallery of Aggies pro day just by goofing with friends in a sweatsuit? Oh, and don't miss a couple of shots of Jake Matthews actually doing something near the end.

2. The San Diego Padres aren't the only Major League Baseball team Manziel can check off his visit list. He apparently is down with Beantown and Big Papi, Red Sox star David Ortiz, as well:

Manziel was in Fort Myers, Fla., where the club holds its spring training, for a Red Sox charity event.


While Manziel was checking out Texas A&M's pro day this week, he also checked in on the Aggies' up-and-coming quarterbacks, as Texas A&M's spring drills are already underway. So who will be filling Johnny Football's size 15's? It just so happens that the three names to rememeber -- Matt Joeckel (with ball), Kenny Hill (7) and incoming freshman Kyle Allen (10) -- were all in the frame with Manziel for this social media photo:

Chipping away

Speaking of down time, pro day was apparently not the only afternoon this week that Manziel took it easy. Golf is a getaway sport for Manziel, and there is little doubt he needs one. He posted this photo to his Instagram account earlier this week:

Looks like he's getting ready to play the island green 17th at TPC with some sort of makeshift, floating target. For the rest of us, those would definitely have to be range balls.

Manziel rookie card, autographed

Yes, with the passing of Johnny Football's (a-hem) amateur football career comes the Johnny Manziel trading card. Lucky card enthusiasts might stumble across a signed one. But he won't be sitting out half of a game for it this fall.

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