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Blake Bortles: Teams asked about girlfriend at NFL Combine


UCF quarterback Blake Bortles said the weirdest questions he received at the NFL Scouting Combine were about his girlfriend, including, "If we come to town, will your girlfriend be there for dinner?"

Appearing on Wednesday's "Dan Patrick Show," Bortles, in play to be overall No. 1 pick, didn't say which teams had asked the questions. His girlfriend is Lindsey Duke, who also is a UCF student.

Bortles told Patrick it seemed as if one of the teams wanted to see how he would react if he was asked about his girlfriend.

An ESPN reporter once told UCF coach George O'Leary that an internet search of his quarterback's girlfriend led to more than six million hits on Google, while a search of Bortles led to about 225,000. O'Leary's response: "I would hope as a head coach that the numbers would be reversed, but obviously you haven't seen his girlfriend. She deserves six million Googles."

At least Bortles seemed to show good humor about the questions. For some reason, we don't think Manti Te'o would've had the same reaction to questions about his girlfriend at this time last year.

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