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Tampa Bay Buccaneers update helmet, logo for 2014


Bigger is apparently better for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

That's our takeaway after seeing the "enhanced" helmets for the Bucs, unveiled during Thursday's edition of "NFL Total Access."

The Bucs' new helmet (center) is seen with its two predecessors. (Alix Drawec/NFL)
The Bucs' new helmet (center) is seen with its two predecessors. (Alix Drawec/NFL)

Former Bucs great Warren Sapp and current Bucs star Gerald McCoy were in the building to reveal the helmet, which features a significantly larger logo, minor stylistic alterations and a chrome facemask.

Take yourself back to 1997. You were trying to convince yourself you liked The Prodigy. Then a news flash: The lowly Bucs had ditched their orange creamsicle duds in favor of red and pewter. Pewter! The Inigo Montoya guy was dumped in favor a mean-looking pirate flag held in place by a menacing cutlass.

Perhaps not coincidentally (or definitely coincidentally), the fortunes of the organization shifted immediately, capped by a Super Bowl victory in 2003.

Coming off a 4-12 season, the Bucs are hoping for similar magic in 2014. Use the comment section to share your thoughts on the new design. Be nice to each other.

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