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Jordan Lynch: 'A lot of teams interested in me as a quarterback'

  • By Dan Parr
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Former Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch isn't among those who think a position change is in his future.

It doesn't mean he's not aware of the talk that he'll have to line up at a spot other than quarterback to make it in the NFL.

Lynch, who was invited to participate as a quarterback at the NFL Scouting Combine, told the Chicago Tribune that he heard a lot of those questions leading up to the East-West Shrine Game last month, but that they quickly went away.

"There were still a lot of questions about whether I should be a quarterback or running back or whatever going into the East-West, and the first two days of practice, all of those questions were kind of eliminated," Lynch said. "(Scouts there) believed I could be a quarterback with what I showed them, and there are a lot of teams interested in me as a quarterback."

Lynch was just 2-of-7 passing in the game, and his last two attempts were intercepted. So it's not as if the 2013 Heisman finalist put all doubts about his ability to bed with his showing. Lynch excelled as a rusher in college, and the running-back position has come up as a potential spot for him. Safety has been mentioned, too. While his clear preference is to remain a quarterback, he's not shutting the door on making a move if it means a chance to play in the NFL.

"About half of the teams came up to me (at the East-West game) talking about a different position or special teams," Lynch said, per the Tribune. "Whatever gets my foot in the door, I am willing to do. I believe I am a quarterback first and I will prove everyone wrong and I will keep doing that. If it depends on getting a check or not getting a check, I will do whatever it takes to get that check.

"A position change really isn't in the back of my head because I know quarterback is going to work out. If it came down to where I had to make a switch, I would stay on offense. I feel like I am a playmaker with the ball in my hands."

Lynch said he's been working on his footwork, adjusting to making drops and taking snaps under center after operating heavily out of the shotgun at NIU, but also mentioned he hasn't changed his throwing motion.

Any team interested in drafting Lynch as a quarterback knows it will be taking on a developmental project that will require patience and time to develop. Given his reputation as a hard worker with strong intangibles, it won't be a surprise if a team gives Lynch the opportunity he's seeking in the late rounds of the draft.



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