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Kyle Shanahan looks to coach beyond father's shadow


Kyle Shanahan, in his introductory news conference with the Cleveland Browns on Thursday, discussed coaching beyond his father's shadow.

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"I'm looking forward to it," Shanahan said, per The Washington Post. "I think it's gonna be nice when I hear the head coach's last name and 'S' isn't always tagged to the end of it -- the Shanahans. So I'm looking forward to that part. But I've worked a lot of years in the NFL. I started out my career away from my dad. That was always a goal of mine, to prove myself before I ever coached with my dad."

Shanahan then harkened back to his days as the Houston Texans offensive coordinator, before joining his father, Mike, with the Washington Redskins.

"I thought that I had proved myself," Shanahan said. "And it was something I always wanted to do in my life -- I wanted to coach with my dad at one time. I enjoyed it. We went through some ups and downs, but it's something I wouldn't take back for anything. Excited to move on and be done with that part of my life, but I think it made me better, and it's something I'm glad that I did."

The biggest down on that father-son coaster ride came this past season with the reported spat between the Shanahans and Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. Kyle Shanahan said Thursday that he always had a great relationship with RGIII and pointed out how working with the elusive quarterback helped him grow as a play caller.

"... A thing that I always did with (RGIII) -- and that we did with each other -- is when stuff would come out, we'd address it," Shanahan said. "You know, we'd get into our room, we'd talk about it and make sure we felt good about it. And I think Robert and I, through a very tough time, we managed to keep our relationship through the year. I'm not gonna say it was easy. Nothing's easy when you go through something like that. But I do believe going through it, Robert and I, in the long run, it'll make both of us better."

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