Broncos soak up moment before Super Bowl XLVIII

The Denver Broncos' walkthrough at MetLife Stadium on Saturday lasted 30 minutes and was full of light and fun action.

Can the Seahawks' historically stingy defense stop the Broncos' record-setting offense?

Super Bowl XLVIII

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According to pool reporter Ben Volin of The Boston Globe, coach John Fox encouraged his players to soak up the experience.

Peyton Manning took photos in the locker room with various teammates and posed with John Elway on the field, Volin relayed. Following practice, there was time for players' families to make their way to the field to take pictures on the site of Super Bowl XLVIII. Some players even had cameras -- including safety Mike Adams, who mounted one on his head -- to capture the moments.

"They worked really hard to have this opportunity," Fox said of his players. "Might as well enjoy it."

The Broncos coach isn't worried about his team getting jitters because of the huge crowd and worldwide focus.

"We've played a lot of prime time games; this is just another one," he said. "It gets bigger on the outside, that's true all through the playoffs, and this is probably the ultimate of that, but they've listened and managed it pretty good."

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