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DeAngelo Hall: It's 'screwed' to call Sherman NFL's best


Every cornerback in the NFL will have his opportunity to address whether Richard Sherman is the best cornerback in the league.

As we said last week, "best cornerback" has replaced "elite quarterback" as the 2014 NFL buzz phrase.

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Tuesday was veteran cornerback DeAngelo Hall's turn to be asked about Sherman's postgame comments.

The Washington Redskins cornerback, who is set to be a free agent, believes Sherman is the best just in terms of what the Seattle Seahawks ask him to do.

"I definitely think he's the best at what they want him to do, what they ask him to do," Hall told WJFK-FM. "To sit there and say he's the best corner in the game is probably not fair because of what their defense asks him to do."

Hall said the Legion of Boom's success is a group effort.

"They play a lot of Cover 3, but their Cover 3 is predicated on their corners pressing," Hall said. "All their linebackers still drop in coverage. Obviously they have a heck of a rush. They have probably the best safety in the game; actually two safeties, because I love Kam Chancellor."

Hall said he prefers a corner who travels across the formation to shadow the other team's best player.

"To say he's the best corner in the game is a little bit, um ... I guess screwed," Hall said. "Because I love Patrick Peterson myself, personally, just things that guy does on the football field is just exciting. But you can't deny Richard Sherman's numbers. His numbers have been amazing."

Sherman confirmed Tuesday he would again be playing the left side in the Super Bowl, not following Demaryius Thomas around the formation.

Hall said Sherman's numbers are fantastic, but the corner needs to do it for more than just a few seasons to be considered the best.

"In this league man, it's all about longevity," Hall added. "This guy's been in the league I think three years. Like I said, he's probably put together two of the best years I've ever seen, numbers wise, but in this league, to be on Champ (Bailey's) level, (Charles Woodson's) level, even Ronde (Barber) when he played, it's about longevity, it's about being able to keep this going, being able to adapt to receivers, adapt to different schemes and being able to play different schemes.

"Hopefully he goes out there and competes," Hall said.

We should point out that Sherman plays only the left side because of all the talent on the Seahawks' roster. That doesn't mean Sherman couldn't play the Peterson role if given the opportunity in the future.

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