Percy Harvin: I can be as explosive as I've ever been


NEWARK, N.J. -- Percy Harvin says he feels great. His body is right and his head is sound after a concussion forced him to miss the NFC Championship Game. He looms as a potential X-factor in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Can the Seahawks' historically stingy defense stop the Broncos' record-setting offense?

Super Bowl XLVIII

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Staying on the field always has been a challenge for the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver, but this season was especially trying. Harvin sat out 15 of 16 regular-season games while recovering from hip surgery. He returned -- and looked good -- in the divisional round against the New Orleans Saints until a head injury pushed him to the background again.

"Man, it was tough," Harvin told Around The League during Tuesday's Media Day. "It was very tough. Especially knowing that I had prepared for that game, I had a good week and my legs were starting to feel how I wanted them to feel during the game. I felt really good, I knew I was going to finish that game without a problem.

"So to finally get the hip going then go out with a concussion, I just really couldn't understand it at the time."

Harvin wouldn't put a percentage on his health at this stage, but he told a freshly shaven Deion Sanders he thinks he can be "as explosive as I've ever been" against the Denver Broncos.

Harvin will start the game. But will he finish?

"Absolutely," he told Sanders. "I think I can. Those injuries, the concussion and the hip, those were definitely unfortunate situations I wish didn't happen. But I've played football a long time, so I'm not worried about that at all."

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