Richard Sherman wants focus on Seahawks mates


Richard Sherman's 20 seconds of ranting about Michael Crabtree following the NFC Championship Game has caused a media stir the past two weeks. At Super Bowl Media Day, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback wished he'd have focused on his own teammates.

Can the Seahawks' historically stingy defense stop the Broncos' record-setting offense?

Super Bowl XLVIII

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"Last week I feel like I regretted attacking the man, attacking it and taking away from my teammates," Sherman said. "You never want to talk down on a man to build yourself up and things like that. So I regretted that and I regretted taking attention away from my teammates and that is one thing I wish I could do again."

Surrounded by the media horde Tuesday, Sherman told the multitude of reporters they should focus more on his teammates this week. He then listed superlatives about seemingly every player on the Seahawks' roster. 

"I think these cameras should go to my teammates," he said. "I think these cameras could be around anyone. I think that what happened after the game, the situation that occurred, forced them to be around me and forced everybody's attention, but I think I have the best teammates in the world."

Sherman said the Legion of Boom is bigger than one man and all will need to play in concert to beat Peyton Manning in Super Bowl XLVIII.

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