Manning, Dameshek and where to keep narratives


BRICK CITY, N.J. -- Leave it to Dave Dameshek to provide the most memorable story of Media Day so far.

Take a look at the scene inside the Prudential Center as the Denver Broncos face the media before Super Bowl XLVIII.

Our intrepid NFL Media personality caught Peyton Manning just as the four-time MVP was walking off his podium after an hour of inane questions.

"Hey Peyton," Dameshek yelled. "I'm the one who wrote the narrative!"

Dameshek's voice cuts through the clutter. Manning stopped and turned at the top step.

"Oh, that was you?" the Broncos quarterback asked.

"Yes, I'm sorry," Dameshek answered. "Can I take it out now?"

"No," Manning said with a smile. "Keep it there."

And that, as Dameshek would say, was a little slice of heaven.

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