Gridiron Breakdown: Denver vs. Seattle

With Adam Rank galavanting off to New York Metropolitan area to cover all things Super Bowl related, the task has fallen upon my shoulders to fill his Cole Haan shoes and write a Gridiron Breakdown between the fine cities of Denver and Seattle who, as you may have heard, are competing in a little event known as the Super Bowl.

How do we settle a dispute between two such fine western cities as Denver and Seattle? By taking them to the grid of course!

And without further ado ...

City Denver
Seattle Give it to ...
Founded: 1858 1853 Seattle. If you're not first, you're last.
Population: 634,265 634,535 Seattle. The more the merrier, no?
Nickname: The Mile-High City The Emerald City Denver. Seattle's nickname came from a vote in 1981, replacing "Queen City" and is a rip off of "The Wizard of Oz." Denver's is pure fact.
Pro Sports Legacy: Two titles (Sonics, *Metropolitans) Four titles (Broncos, Avalanche) Denver. *Fun fact -- The Seattle Metropolitans were the first American team to win the Stanley Cup when they bested the Montreal Canadiens in 1917. Since their name is in the books and they beat a franchise still in existence, I counted it even though they were technically part of the PCHA (Pacific Coast Hockey Association) and not the NHL.
Highest profile athlete NOT in the NFL:

Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies

Clint Dempsey, Seattle Sounders
Seattle. World Cup > World Series. It actually involves the whole world, not just America.
Major industries: Clean Energy, Aerospace, Coffee, Defense Aerospace, Technology, Telecommunications Seattle. My job would never get done without coffee.
Weather: Averages 300 days of sunshine per year Averages 71 days of sunshine per year Denver. Seattle is great if overcast/rainy days are your thing, but I much prefer some sunshine.
Iconic market: Denver Mint Pike Place Fish Market Seattle. Denver has one of only four active mints in the U.S., but it's just too cool seeing those guys toss fish around like Nerf footballs.
Legalized marijuana: Yes. Yes. Push.
Craft Beer presence: 41 craft breweries 32 craft breweries Denver. Numbers based on Beer Advocate's listings. Plus, Denver plays host to the "Great American Beer Festival," so how can you argue with that?
Essential store with head quarters in the city:


Denver. Good coffee can be found from many companies, but Chipotle burritos are one of a kind.
Cost of living rank: 82.10 91.63 Denver. These were based on Consumer Price Index (don't ask me to explain it), and a lower number means more money for activities!
Tower-like landmark: Daniels & Fisher Tower Space Needle Seattle. Duh.
Nearby mountain(s): Rocky Mountains Mount Rainier Denver. Until Mount Rainier gets a refreshing party train, or a Joe Walsh song named after it, this isn't a contest.
Native funny man:

Trey Parker

Rainn Wilson
Denver. Dwight Schrute is a TV icon, but he can't hold a candle to Eric Cartman and the rest of the motley crew Parker created/voiced in "South Park."
Unrealistic (but awesome) teen movie set in the state: "Red Dawn" (original) "Chronicle" Denver. Wolverines!
TV show set in the city:


Seattle. The citizens of Denver are still trying to forget "Dynasty," while no one will forget "Frasier."
Musicians: The Fray, The Lumineers, Flobots Nirvana, Heart, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters Seattle. I could have kept going with great bands from Seattle, but my editors enforced the mercy rule.


In a closely contested battle, the fine city of Denver prevailed, nine to eight. If the Super Bowl ends up that close, we should consider ourselves lucky.

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