Super Bowl XLVIII: Early look at weather forecast


The good news regarding weather for Super Bowl XLVIII: It looks like the NFL is going to avoid a worst-case weather scenario. There is no devastating storm on the horizon.

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Super Bowl XLVIII

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The bad news: It's going to be unseasonably cold leading up to the big game at MetLife Stadium.

With 10 days left until Super Sunday, it's still a little early for well-defined forecasts. There's a reason why the National Weather Service doesn't issue its official forecast until Sunday: Like the game result, no one really knows.

That doesn't stop us from trying. Weather correspondent Dave Price joined NFL Network's "NFL AM" and estimated that game-time temperature should be just above freezing. That's not too bad, but the week of weather leading up to the matchup sounds brutal.

The National Weather service projects highs in the teens in the middle of the week, with wind chill hovering below zero degrees. This is not normal weather for New York City. I lived there for a decade, and you could go three years without having a stretch this cold. (This year, of course, it's starting to become routine.)

I love the idea of playing the game in the elements. (The Seahawks surely agree, no matter how much the Broncos prepare for it.) If the conference title games can be played in the frigid winter, why not the Super Bowl?

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