Joe Haden hopes Mike Pettine brings 'attitude'


KAPOLEI, Hawaii -- Joe Haden doesn't know much about new Browns coach Mike Pettine. However, the cornerback hopes his new coach will bring swagger to Cleveland.

"I like attitude, definitely," Haden said after Wednesday's Pro Bowl practice.

Haden believes the Browns, with six Pro Bowl players, are a candidate for a quick turnaround in 2014. He said someone like Pettine could help get the Browns over the hump.

"A coach can help a lot," Haden said. "I think he is going to bring a mentality. A lot of teams take after their coach. Like the Steelers and (Mike) Tomlin. The way that he coaches is the way they go out there and play. So I think definitely the coach sets the frame for what the team looks like."

Pettine spent last season with the Buffalo Bills. Prior to that he was Rex Ryan's defensive coordinator with the New York Jets.

One of the players Pettine helped coach in New York was cornerback Darrelle Revis. That relationship wasn't lost on Haden.

"That means he knows what a good corner is supposed to look like and I hope I can give him exactly what he wants," Haden said. "I just can't wait to talk to him and see what approach he wants to take with me."

Pro Bowl wide receiver Josh Gordon, like Haden, said he didn't know much about Pettine except what he witnessed on the field against the Bills.

"From what I saw when we played them this past season, he's a really good defensive coordinator," Gordon said. "If he is any thing like he is at DC, I'm sure he'll be a pretty good head coach for us. We are glad to have him."

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If any Browns player in Hawaii have inquiries about their new coach, all they need to do is ask one of their Pro Bowl teammates. Pettine sent four Bills defenders to Hawaii this year.

"He's a heck of a leader, he knows what he's talking about," defensive end Mario Williams said Thursday. "He helped (me) tremendously. He had a really good scheme. His staff was a big part of our success and our ability this year."

Haden hopes Pettine can help the Browns in one main aspect:

"I'm trying to win some games," he said. "I've been here for four years, this is going to be my fifth year, and I haven't won more than like five games, so my whole thing is just trying to get to the playoffs."

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