Darrelle Revis: Greg Schiano created tense atmosphere


It didn't take long for the cracks to show between Darrelle Revis and Greg Schiano.

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After Week 2 (Week 2!), a report surfaced that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' expensive cornerback was irritated with Schiano's strict regime. It was a harbinger of things to come in a lost 4-12 season that ended with Schiano's dismissal.

Revis opened up Wednesday about life under his now former coach.

"The atmosphere, I felt like, was real tense," Revis said during the Pro Bowl draft in Hawaii, via the Tampa Bay Times. "Guys didn't like coming to work. That's one of the things you have to have, a stress-free atmosphere and environment. You're going to get everything out of everybody if it's stress-free and let people be who they are.

"I just didn't feel he did a very good job of that. It was a learning experience for him as well, and hopefully, if he ever gets another stab at it, he'll do things differently."

Revis pointed to Schiano's inexperience with NFL schemes and inability to listen to his players as the coach's major downfalls. He said other Pro Bowl players had told him Tampa Bay's schemes, particularly on Revis' side of the ball, were a "joke."

"There's a difference between being a head coach and in control of the whole team and the whole organization at the time," he said.

"I wish he would have listened to some of the players a little bit more, especially the veterans and some of the older guys. We can go down the line like Dashon Goldson, Davin Joseph, Carl Nicks, Vincent Jackson and those type of guys and listen to them. But he was the boss, and you've got to fall in line."

Revis articulates what we already had a pretty good sense of: Schiano was an inflexible taskmaster who had a poor relationship with his players. Why the Cleveland Browns even would entertain making him their next coach is beyond us.

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