Russell Wilson once attended Peyton Manning's camp


When Russell Wilson met with reporters Wednesday, the second-year Seahawks passer gushed over Peyton Manning -- his Super Bowl foil -- as "one of the best football players to ever play the game," and called the Broncos quarterback an "example" to follow.

Can the Seahawks' historically stingy defense stop the Broncos' record-setting offense?

Super Bowl XLVIII

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It turns out Wilson has been following that example for the better part of a decade, ever since attending Peyton's passing camp.

"There's thousands of kids there," Wilson said, "and I was actually in his group -- I think 12 or 15 other guys -- and just how much care he showed for the kids at the time and how much detail he always talked about and how much of a perfectionist he was, and I try to use that in my game."

Said Wilson: "I have a long way to go, obviously, but I try to do all the little things, and that's what he does."

A teenage Russell Wilson also made an impression on Manning ... to some degree.

"When I was getting drafted," Wilson said, "... the Denver Broncos brought me out to Denver and he ... was sitting there in the locker room, and I went up and talked to him, or whatever, and he said, 'Have I seen you before somewhere? I think I've seen you before somewhere. Where do I know you?'"

To our knowledge, it's the first Super Bowl matchup we can recall pitting Camper vs. Camp Counselor.

So there's that.

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