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Johnny Manziel: Texas A&M, not Seattle, is home of '12th Man'


Last week, during Seattle's home playoff game with Green Bay, Texas A&M's official Twitter account sent out a gentle reminder that A&M is the real home of the 12th man. Sunday night, after the Seahawks beat San Francisco in the NFC championship game, former A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel got in on the act via Instagram.

This photo was sent from his account with the caption "REAL 12th man #GIGEM":

Manziel probably isn't winning over fans in Seattle with his message, but it's doubtful he cares. Hey, it's not as if the Seahawks are looking for a new quarterback.

A&M and the Seahawks were involved in a lawsuit over the "12th man" phrase that was settled in 2006. The Seahawks acknowledged A&M's ownership rights of the trademarked phrase and were able to continue using the phrase under license.

A&M's 12th man tradition dates to 1922. These days, the Aggie students in attendance at home games are considered the 12th man, and they stand throughout the contest.

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