Calvin Johnson has surgery on injured knee, finger


Megatron is in the shop.

Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said Wednesday that wide receiver Calvin Johnson underwent surgeries last week on his knee and finger.

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Mayhew called the knee procedure "a minor scope," while adding some unpleasant detail about Johnson's hand issue.

"He played the entire season with a finger really that was pointing perpendicular from his body the whole season," Mayhew said, according to the Lions' official website. "He's trying to catch the ball like that. He would never complain about that, but certainly that was a factor, I think, in the way he played."

Johnson remained an elite performer this season, finishing with 84 receptions for 1,492 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns. He struggled with drops, however, which Mayhew clearly contributes to that whole "perpendicular" finger thing.

It all sounds like fairly typical upkeep for a 28-year-old star now seven seasons into a career. The wear and tear is building on Megatron, but he should have more than a few scary-good seasons left in his bones.

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