Report: Terrelle Pryor fires agent who ripped Raiders


No good deed goes unpunished. That goes double when the deed drives a wedge between a quarterback and his organization.

Agent Jerome Stanley accused Oakland Raiders coach Dennis Allen of sabotaging Terrelle Pryor's career three weeks ago by selecting him as the starting quarterback for the season finale.

Now Pryor is firing Stanley, according to Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports.

Stanley's heart was in the right place. He was standing up for a talented client he believed wasn't getting a fair shake to become entrenched as the franchise quarterback.

The problem wasn't just that Stanley came unhinged in his accusations. He also placed Pryor in an awkward position just days before one of the most important games of his young career.

Pryor was forced to go into damage control, apologizing for his agent's comments and meeting with Allen to smooth over the hard feelings.

Stanley's occupation isn't a forgiving one. Perhaps he will get an opportunity to show that he's learned from his mistaken, overzealous approach to a client's difficult situation.

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