Ken Whisenhunt mum on Tennessee Titans' personnel


The Tennessee Titans introduced Ken Whisenhunt as their new head coach Tuesday, agreeing to a deal with the San Diego Chargers' former offensive coordinator.

Some takeaways from Whisenhunt's first press conference in Nashville:

» Perhaps not surprisingly, Whisenhunt's first question concerned his plans for Jake Locker. Whisenhunt said he hasn't had the chance to evaluate the quarterback yet. "I liked Jake coming out (of college), and one thing we've been good at is putting people in positions to be successful."

» Whisenhunt thanked the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions for their interest, but the former Vanderbilt coach said the decision came down to comfort level. "This place is special to me. And that has a pull."

» Whisenhunt deftly sidestepped a question about whether he's entered a rebuilding process: "I don't think there's ever a game you go into thinking you're not going to win."

» How about Chris Johnson? Whisenhunt was predictably tight-lipped about the running back, who's likely to be a salary-cap casualty. He said Johnson's situation will be "something we look at over the next couple of weeks and months." That was a common answer Tuesday in matters of personnel.

» Whisenhunt said there was both and good and bad to take from his coaching tenure with the Arizona Cardinals. He said it obviously didn't end well, but it's something he can learn from. He pointed out he coached in six playoff games while in the desert.

» Asked about the talent of the team he inherits, Whisenhunt said that he saw the Titans in Week 3 while with the Chargers. He said he thought the defense had good personnel and played with good effort, acknowledging that a lot can change in 13 games.

» Could the Titans take a quarterback in the first round? Whisenhunt deferred to general manager Ruston Webster but added, "Anything is possible."

» Whisenhunt said he'll handle playcalling on offense "unless somebody tells me I can't."

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