Andrew Luck a 'lost puppy' with Indianapolis Colts out


Andrew Luck provided the bright spot in an otherwise dreary ending to the Indianapolis Colts' season. Now that he doesn't have a game to prepare for, the currently clean-shaven, baby-faced quarterback is meandering in the proverbial dark.

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"When you lose in the playoffs, it is very abrupt," Luck said, per the Colts' official website. "I'm wondering what to do. I feel like a lost puppy.

"I think everybody probably feels the same way, look forward to a great offseason and hopefully get over that hump."

One thing that will help Luck get over that playoff "hump" is a healthy Reggie Wayne in 2014. The Colts' best receiver injured his knee in October, but the 35-year-old said he plans to come back better than before.

"I can tell you this. Reggie Wayne, as I'm speaking in third person, has never lacked confidence," the receiver said. "I'm very, very, very confident I can come back better than I was.

"One thing about this time, it was an opportunity for my body to heal a little bit," he continued. "Hopefully, I stole a year, you know? We'll go from there."

The Colts have bigger problems than the wide receiver position, but having a healthy Wayne next season could prevent Luck from feeling like a lost puppy again so early in January.

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