Pat McAfee fined for posting Andrew Luck in the buff


True story about NFL locker rooms after a game: Naked dudes. Everywhere.

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This is how it goes. This is a primary reason why locker rooms exist. Sweaty guys need to shower and change. It all makes sense.

When Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee snapped a picture of a (mostly) clothed Adam Vinatieri after Saturday's wild win over the Kansas City Chiefs, he didn't even think twice before posting the photo to his 170,000 Twitter followers.

He shouldn't have done that. Had McAfee taken a closer look, he would've noticed who was in the background of the photo: Quarterback Andrew Luck, at his locker, completely in the buff.

"I didn't realize it until I was halfway home and my girlfriend got a text message," said McAfee, via The Indianapolis Star. "I immediately started to sweat. I was disgusted. I was worried that Andrew was going to hate me because he's such a good person.

"The last thing you want to do is sell out a teammate," McAfee added. "I felt like I did that."

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McAfee immediately deleted the tweet and began a panicked attempt to reach his teammate.

"I called him like 400 times but his phone was off, his phone was off, his phone was off," McAfee said. "It was finally turned on and he answered. I said, 'Man, I am so sorry that happened.'

"He handled it so well, like the cool person he is," McAfee went on. "He said, 'No worries about it, dude.' I said, 'If it means anything to you, you look good.'"

Luck was able to forgive and forget, but the Colts weren't quite as understanding. They fined McAfee, an amount the punter said was "more than a dollar, less than $3 million." This seems about right.

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