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CJ2K: If Titans don't use me right, 'let me move on'


Chris Johnson's future with the Tennessee Titans seems in doubt heading into the offseason.

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The running back said Tuesday that he'd prefer the Titans let him move on if they aren't going to take advantage of his talents.

"I feel like if they are not going to use me the way I am supposed to be used and let me be the horse, then I would rather them let me move on. Their money would be wasted on me," Johnson told The Tennessean. "I feel like if they are not going to use me right, let somebody get me that's going to use me the right way."

Johnson rushed for 1,077 yards in 2013, the second-lowest total of his six-year career. The 28-year-old is scheduled to make $8 million in 2014 as part of the six-year, $55 million contract he signed in 2011.

Johnson carried the ball 279 times in 2013 -- the third-highest total of his career -- but feels he's being underutilized. He specifically noted being taken out when he was "getting hot" and also in goal-line situations.

"I want to help the team win," Johnson said. "People say, 'He is not worth the $10 million. He is not worth the $8 million.' I feel like if you give me $8 million, let me earn it. At crucial times of the game, I shouldn't be on the sideline watching."

This appears to be another case of an athlete not recognizing his own diminished talents. Johnson's 3.9 yards per carry was the lowest of his career. He struggled creating creases and was inconsistent throughout the season. He shows flashes, but he's no longer the 2K back he's being paid to be.

Johnson said he wants to move on if the Titans aren't going to use him to his liking. With $8 million coming his way, he'll probably get his wish.

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