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Panthers kicker Graham Gano pranks QB Cam Newton

Dave Martin/Associated Press
Panthers QB Cam Newton surely will be rooting hard for his Auburn Tigers in the BCS championship game.

Just about any NFL team that has a former FSU Seminole and a former Auburn Tiger on its roster can count on hearing some smack talk in advance of the BCS championship game tonight.

Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano, formerly of FSU, took that to a higher level with former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton Monday morning:

As pranks go, this one is funny, but tame.

Gano had better hope Newton isn't a practical joke aficionado, or he may find himself on the wrong end of a much more intricate retaliation. What may well be happening here, however, is the front end of a friendly wager in which the loser wears the winner's colors.

It happened to New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram after the Iron Bowl, and of course, there was a photo to prove it. So if Florida State beats the Tigers and Newton shows up Tuesday wearing FSU gear, you can bet Gano will be the one taking pictures for Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media platform on which Newton's embarrassment can be displayed.

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