The Fifth Down  


Fashionable fans, Andrew Luck top Wild Card Weekend


Wild Card Weekend came and went, but left us with some unforgettable playoff games. Andrew Luck's improbable comeback? The Saints finally winning a road playoff game? Jeff Triplette getting replays correct in Cincinnati? The instant classic in Green Bay? What a weekend. Let's get to the most unexpected, and expected, moments of Wild Card Weekend -- it's Fifth Down.

Ice fishing on the Frozen Tundra

NFL Network reporter Stacey Dales gave us an inside look at how she'd be staying warm all day at Lambeau Field. Check out the video at the top of the story to get a tour of Stacey's executive ice shanty on the sidelines in Green Bay. Stacey's gameplan was definitely a better option than what Dave Dameshek suggested:

The attention paid to the cold weather was very entertaining leading up to kickoff. Oh, and the game didn't disappoint either. Although John Kuhn's Lambeau Leap sure did.

John Kuhn and the worst Lambeau Leap in Packers' history

I could watch this all day.

Andrew Luck is one talented, lucky, neckbeard-sporting dude

With each passing week, the legend of Andrew Luck grows exponentially. He has proven time and time again that he's a phenomenally talented individual, from his beautifully placed passes to his underrated athleticism. Both were on display as he orchestrated a 28-point comeback on Saturday. He also proved he's one lucky guy when he was able to scoop up a Donald Brown fumble and dive into the end zone for a touchdown. I mean, come on. Doesn't this guy have enough going for him already? What's next, a beard that rivals the "Most Interesting Man in the World?"

Trent Richardson. That is all.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. This video is worth a first-round draft pick to the Colts. Ouch.

Saints get off the road playoff schneid

With the Saints ending the overblown storyline of their inability to win on the road in the playoffs, here are some potential storylines for the media to beat to death for the 2014 Saints:

» Rob Ryan's bar tabs
» Drew Brees' height
» Beignets
» Sean Payton's favorite gum
» Jimmy Graham's dunking ability
» Why this play still hurts. Never forget.

The "Heat Miser" appeared in Cincinnati

Thanks to our very own Chris Wesseling for calling this one. In case you forgot, this is the Heat Miser.

The world's most fashionable fan

Not even frigid temperatures could keep this fan from looking his best at Lambeau Field on Sunday. Most fans opted for their blaze orange hunting attire to keep warm. This guy elected to wear what he hunted earlier this year instead. Well played.

- Follow Alex on Twitter @AlexGelhar. He's tipping his hat to this guy today for letting nothing stand between him and his tailgating.



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