Madden predictions: Wild Card Weekend


As a Madden enthusiast, I enjoy it when coaches and players do things in real life that would only happen in a video game.  I took great delight in Coach Bob Stoops going for an onside kick with his team up 14 and a minute left to go in the Sugar Bowl.

Now, some of you conspiracy theorists might think the Oklahoma kicker (don't know his name because I've had trouble downloading the rosters to NCAA 14) just merely made a mistake. But the true gamer in me knows Stoops wanted to send a message to Alabama. And quite frankly, I applaud that.

You know what, that's the kind of craziness the Cleveland Browns could use right about now.

All right, though. Let's get on with the show.

Six Predictions for the Weekend

6. Andrew Luck was quickly dispatched by the Baltimore Ravens last season, which followed a tradition of another Indianapolis Colts quarterback of being eliminated quickly in the playoffs. This year is going to be a little different. The Colts are on a mini-roll after being embarrassed by the Cincinatti Bengals in early December. Included in this run is a win at Kansas City. Luck throws a pair of touchdown passes and runs for another in a Colts win.

5. We will also have a Trent Richardson sighting this weekend! And a good one, too! Richardson has scored two touchdowns in the last three games and this is just shaping up for him to make a huge statement in the playoffs.

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4. Everybody expects the New Orleans Saints to fold in the cold of Philadelphia, which now leads me to believe New Orleans is going to find a way to win this game. This reminds me of the time when nobody gave the Bucs a chance to win the NFC Championship Game in Philadelphia, and Tampa Bay won and ended up going to the Super Bowl. The Saints have the experience, and I now like them to win this game. And, because I picked them to win the Super Bowl way back in August.

3. Speaking of teams that can't win in the cold, here come the San Diego Chargers to Cincinnati. Freezing temperatures and the fact the Bengals beat the Chargers in San Diego already this season means one thing: The Chargers are going to win this game. Giovani Bernard will have a fantastic game for the Bengals in the loss. He's such a nice kid. He joined us on the "Dave Dameshek Football Program" earlier this week and was a true delight. I know it's not the most scientific way to choose games, but still.

2. Peyton Manning will gorge himself on pizza if the Chargers advance to the second round. Forget the fact the Chargers beat Manning recently in frigid Denver. But if you look at Peyton's playoff history against San Diego, he might fear the Chargers more than he fears the New England Patriots.

1. The San Francisco 49ers once again beat the Packers to advance to the next round. Colin Kaepernick raced for 181 yards the last time these two teams met in the playoffs. This time he goes for 200 rushing yards against the Packers. Seriously, negative temperatures and a guy of Kaepernick's size running at you … do the math right there. Not many guys are going to want to get into his way.

Did you know that Adam Rank won last year's Expert's League title? Oh that's right, it's like the only thing he ever talks about. Well congratulations, Rank. You finally did something. What have you done for us lately? Let's worry about 2014 and stop living in the past. Typical Lakers fan, am I right? Oh, if you found this useful (as if) check him out on the latest "Dave Dameshek Football Program". And follow him on Twitter, please. He's taking us to lunch if he gets 17 more Twitter followers today. And we only got 15 the last time, so step up fantasy enthusiasts!



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