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Jim Harbaugh: Anquan Boldin 'is a football player'


Anqun Boldin began his San Francisco 49ers career with 13 catches, 208 yards and a touchdown in a season-opening win over the Green Bay Packers.

With a playoff rematch waiting at week's end, coach Jim Harbaugh was asked about that performance and what Boldin has meant to his offense this season.

His response was perfect Harbaugh:

"I always try to boil it down. Anquan Boldin is a football player. Let me say it again, Anquan Boldin is a football player," Harbaugh said during his scheduled press conference Wednesday. "And, that sums up everything. That's the highest compliment you could give somebody that plays the game of football. My brother John (Harbaugh) said, 'you will love Anquan Boldin. You will love the way he practices. He'll take every rep. You'll love the way he competes and plays in the game and the plays that he'll make and the plays that he'll make in the big games and you'll just love being around him.' And, check, check, check, check. So, there's a pretty long list."

In case you didn't catch that, Harbaugh loves his receiver.

"I love his personality," the coach said. "Serious about winning. Serious about being really good. He comes to work, he goes home, he comes back to work and kicks (expletive) day after day. I love it."

Boldin ended his season with his second 100+ yard game of the year. The wide receiver has seen more space and better matchups since Michael Crabtree returned to the offense. 

The 49ers have been rolling during their current six-game winning streak -- especially on offense -- just in time for a rematch of last season's playoff game against the Packers.

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