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Christian Ponder takes partial blame for Frazier firing


The biggest factor leading to coach Leslie Frazier's dismissal from the Minnesota Vikings was his botched handling of the team's quarterback positing.

On the day Frazier was fired, quarterback Christian Ponder admitted the role he played.

"It was definitely an interesting year," Ponder said Monday, per The Star Tribune. "And not the way that I thought it would play out or probably anyone wanted it to play out. So with my job, I didn't play well enough to keep the job and for us to win as many games as we should have. So it stinks knowing that was a contribution to what happened."

Frazier was loyal to Ponder when backup Matt Cassel was clearly better for the Vikings' offense.

"I think he tried to keep giving me a chance and so that was big," Ponder said. "He gave me a chance just to come here and just be the starter. So I'll appreciate that. That's a relationship I'd like to have for the rest of my life. He's a great guy and gave me that opportunity and it just stinks that it didn't work out."

The blame for the Vikings' quarterback struggles should extend beyond Frazier. General manager Rick Spielman drafted Ponder No. 12 overall two seasons ago and made the decision to bring in Josh Freeman midseason in 2013.

However, Frazier ultimately stuck with Ponder too long and went back to him too many times. Loyalty is an admirable trait in any person. However, it can get a coach fired in the NFL if it's wrongly placed. 

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