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New York Giants' Antrel Rolle rants on Pro Bowl snub


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Everyone has his or her own take on the makeup of this season's Pro Bowl rosters.

We gave you our biggest snubs of the 2014 Pro Bowl, leading with linebackers Lavonte David and Thomas Davis.

Players, of course, are also likely to have an opinion. However, most players aren't as open about their frustration as Antrel Rolle.

The New York Giants safety took to Twitter on Friday night to protest his omission from the roster.

Rolle tweeted, "Tell me which safety has better numbers and made more game changing plays than me this year???? I'll wait!!!! This Pro Bowl (expletive) is a joke."

Rolle then retweeted a graphic of his stats next to those of Eric Berry, Kam Chancellor and Troy Polamalu -- presumably men he feels he should have gotten in ahead of.

Rolle has been superb over the last month of the season. However, he started off disastrously when the Giants began the season 0-6. The boisterous safety has a case to make the Pro Bowl, but he isn't even our most egregious omission at the position.

According to, Rolle has a $100,000 Pro Bowl bonus in his contract. But we're sure his Twitter rant had nothing to do with that (#sarcasm).

Oddly enough, no players from either of the two football teams who play at MetLife Stadium made the Pro Bowl.

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