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Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte defends sideline concussion tests


Tuesday's health and safety news from the world of football:

* Tom Musick of the Northwest Herald in suburban Chicago wrote about social media speculation that Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte cheated on his concussion test Sunday night. Conte denied that thought and detailed what happens during the test.

"I hit the back of my head on the ground," said Conte, who stayed down on the field for a few minutes before heading to the locker room to be evaluated for a concussion. "I kind of swung back and hit my head pretty hard, so they wanted to check me out.

"But I passed all of the tests and everything, so I was good."

Conte had to answer a variety of questions as part of the NFL's baseline test for concussions.

"It's a pretty in-depth process," Conte said. "They've got a whole protocol. They've got a neuro-specialist that comes down, and they put you through a whole iPad app and everything.

"It's pretty in-depth, and the questions aren't easy. There's a lot of memory stuff -- things that are hard even if you don't have a concussion. So if you do have a concussion, it's pretty hard to pass those things. And I passed them all, so they did everything right."

Fellow Bears safety Major Wright said it is very difficult to cheat on the concussion test.

"No, you can't cheat," Wright said. "You can't. It's stuff to remember. If you've got a concussion, you're not going to remember things like that."

* reported on how the Saints players and the New Orleans-area Marines teamed up for a bike giveaway for local kids.

* Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd told how football saved his life.

* WLTV-TV in Jacksonville, Fla., looked at a report that said youth sport injuries could lead to adult brain disease.

* WBIW-AM profiled the School of Optometry at Indiana University, which received concussion research funding from the National Institutes of Health.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor



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