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Kansas City Chiefs defenders: Colts kicked our butts


The Kansas City Chiefs laid an egg Sunday in a 23-7 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Booing fans knew it midway through the fourth quarter. Chiefs players admitted it after the game.

"They came in today and they kicked our (butts)," cornerback Dunta Robinson said, per The Kansas City Star "And we deserved everything we got. So no excuses." 

The Colts scored 23 straight points after Jamaal Charles' opening-drive touchdown.

All three phases failed Andy Reid's team. The defense couldn't get pressure on Andrew Luck and missed a glut of tackles. The offense -- outside of Charles -- was stuck in neutral, and Alex Smith couldn't stretch the field. Even the special teams struggled, with Ryan Succop missing a field goal.

"We gotta look in the mirror and we gotta decide what kind of team we want to be moving forward," Robinson said. "Yeah, OK. You dominate Oakland. Yeah, you dominate (Washington). But what are we going to do when we face other powerhouses? We're a much better team than we showed today."

Multiple Chiefs discussed the possibility of a playoff rematch with the Colts in Indy, but linebacker Derrick Johnson -- the Chiefs' best defensive player Sunday -- said the team must play better to avoid a repeat beatdown.

"If we're going to go all the way -- which we plan to -- we can't ever play like this," Johnson said, via Fox Sports. "I mean, this ... (there's) no excuse for it. We've got to get it locked down. When you take a step back, a team kicks your butt like they did today."

The Chiefs already had an AFC playoff spot and, in reality, Sunday's game probably wouldn't have changed their seeding, win or lose. The way they lost, however, brings into question whether the Chiefs are legitimate contenders, or if they just beat up on bad teams early in the season.

We'll find out in January.

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