Report: Rex Ryan tells team: Word is I'm getting fired


Rex Ryan's New York Jets squad has been surprisingly competitive this season, starting the year 6-8 despite perhaps the worst offensive roster in the league. That might not be enough to save his job.

FOX's Jay Glazer reports that Ryan told his players in a team meeting Saturday night that the "word on the street" is that Ryan is coaching his final two games in New York. 

"Guys, word on the street is that I'm getting fired. I'm not coming back," Ryan reportedly told his squad.

It's important to know that even Ryan doesn't seem to know his fate or what Jets owner Woody Johnson is thinking. The "word on the street" all season has been that Ryan needed to win this season to keep his job, but no one seems to have a clear idea of how Johnson is leaning. Even Glazer notes that Ryan has viewed himself as a "sacrificial lamb" all season.

"Whether or not that decision is made, we don't know," Glazer said.

We do know that Ryan will do anything for an extra edge entering a game. And we know that Jets players love playing for Ryan. It's interesting that this information about Ryan's team meeting even got out.

"That's the word on the street: I have two weeks left. Roll with me here for the last two weeks," Ryan reportedly told his team. 

If Rex is going out, he's going out swinging.

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